One-Click Infusionsoft® Data Restore & Visualization with New Cloud Backup

What would you do if someone on your team accidentally assigned himself as the owner of every single one of your leads? Or if a botched import corrupted 500 of your hot leads? (These are all true customer stories, by the way)
Four years ago, back in 2013, Novak Solutions launched the original Cloud Backup Tool which offers backups of key Infusionsoft® data and making that data available to the customer on-demand. The tool has proven invaluable to many customers in those kinds of situations.
By having a backup to turn to, Novak Solutions was able to get these customers back on their feet in just a couple of hours.
But that wasn’t enough. We wanted to go a step further!
We wanted to be the ONLY place our customers need for their Infusionsoft® data problems AND make it easy for them to get those problems fixed when they occur.
Today is an exciting day because we’ve definitely taken it one step further with two new super powers in Cloud Backup…
First, we’ve totally redefined how you can look at your Infusionsoft® data.

Visualize Your Data

Want to see all of the data changes made by a particular Infusionsoft® user? Done!
All of the changes done last Friday afternoon? Simple!
All of the deleted records from this morning when your sales pipeline imploded? There they are, I feel better already!
Super easy 🙂
Cloud Backup gives you powerful data visualization in two easy steps: pick a date range, then click on the data graphs to filter by User, time of day, or a specific field. Nothing else to it!
Easily isolate and view all of the data changes that you want to see.  And if that new super power doesn’t give you a big smile…

One-Click Infusionsoft® Data Restore

One-click restore!  Ok, technically its two clicks because you have to pick a bad change first and then click “Undo Selected Changes” but the point is Cloud Backup will fix it for you 🙂
Easy, easy, easy…
Infusionsoft® charges hundreds of dollars and takes several days to handle restoring data from their backups. Instead, when you sign up for Cloud Backup today, it takes literal seconds to fix your own data AND you’ll transform from regular Infusionsoft® User to Data Super Hero!

Sign Up Today!

Data corruption happens, its not a matter of if but WHEN.
Activate your Cloud Backup for Infusionsoft® today!


Infusionsoft One-click Upsell v2.2.4

We’ve released Infusionsoft One-click Upsell v2.2.4 for WordPress. This is an optional update that fixes issues that a few users encountered:

  1. Improved CSS when using an image for your upsell button. We’ve updated the CSS to work better with themes that have default widths or heights for input buttons. If you were unable to get your upsell button sized correctly, or it wasn’t showing up at all, this may fix the issue for you.
  2. Upsell buttons can be “submit” or “button” input types. Some themes alter the appearance of inputs of type “submit”. You can now choose to have the input be of type “button”, which can help with these CSS issues. This option is on the settings page for the plugin.

If you already have the plugin installed and would like to update, please do so from within your WordPress administration pages. You can also get the plugin (for free!) from the official WordPress plugin site.
Having problems with the plugin? Would you like it to do something it doesn’t already do? Feel free to contact us using our contact form or via email. You can also contribute to the project on GitHub.
The One-click Upsell plugin is fully supported via our contact form or support email address only. We will not provide support for this free product over the phone.

POODLE vulnerability mitigated

The security of our customers and their data is our highest priority. A potential SSL vulnerability has been identified by Google researchers. This vulnerability, called POODLE, makes it possible for an attacker to break through an SSL connection’s encryption. We have updated our servers with the recommended fix and are no longer vulnerable to this newly identified threat. We have no reason to believe that any customer data has been compromised.

Bash Vulnerability Patched

The security of our customers and their data is our highest priority. A critical vulnerability in Bash, a key component of many web servers, has been discovered by security researchers. We have updated all of our servers to have the latest version of Bash which corrects this security vulnerability. We have no reason to believe that any customer data has been compromised.

WordPress plugin users: Mandatory update required!

If you are using one of the Novak Solutions WordPress plugins, such as One-click Upsell or Web Form JavaScript, please update your Infusionsoft SDK plugin as soon as possible to version 1.0.9.
This update should be visible within your WordPress administration page. Infusionsoft has made a breaking change that will prevent your Infusionsoft plugins from working after 5:00 PM EDT on Friday (September 12, 2014) unless you upgrade to the latest version of the Infusionsoft SDK plugin.
We apologize for the short notice. Infusionsoft did not provide the necessary file to work around this breaking change until Thursday evening.

Gmail HUD is being discontinued

Our Gmail HUD product will be discontinued on July 31. Rapportive, the platform that makes Gmail HUD possible, will be removing all third-party integrations on this date.
We’ve found this product immensely useful within our own company, and are sorry to see it discontinued. Unfortunately, we aren’t aware of a comparable product with good reviews. You can try using Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail but we can’t vouch for its speed or reliability.

OpenSSL Vulnerability Patched

The security of our customers and their data is our highest priority. The OpenSSL Project has announced the discovery of several vulnerabilities that puts this security at risk. We have updated all of our servers with the latest version of OpenSSL to protect against these vulnerabilities. We have no reason to believe that any customer data has been compromised.