Custom Programming

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Custom Programming

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Hi! I used to work at Infusionsoft. I love Infusionsoft, but the entrepreneurship atmosphere triggered something deep inside me. I like helping people so decided to break out and use my talents to directly help more small business owners grow. Like Infusionsoft, I want to help you grow your business. I want to help you solve your headaches. I want to help you enjoy life and spend more time with your family. So, let me tell you some of what I can do, and you tell me if I can help.

  • I solve problems, and I’m good at it. Not to brag, but really good.
  • I know the Infusionsoft API inside and out.
  • I have connections to other talented service providers (graphic designers, etc…).
  • I’ve been using PHP for a long time.
  • I am a small business growth expert.
  • I have a wide breadth of knowledge across web technologies including servers, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, database optimization, improving performance, Java, and more.

If you think there is something I can do to help, just use my web form to contact me, or call me directly at: 480-725-3434 Sincerely, Joey Novak Novak Solutions

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